The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Families With Children

When choosing a dog to adopt, it’s important to remember that all dogs aren’t the same – even if they are sometimes all categorized as happy-go-lucky goofs. Different dogs, and especially dogs of different breeds, tend to have very different personalities and needs. This makes some dogs better suited for family life than others.

Summer Pet Safety: How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated

In the heat of summer, dogs keep cool by panting which results in lots of their body’s moisture being lost through evaporation. Cats cool themselves down by licking their coats and enjoying the cooling effect of the moisture evaporating from their fur. As a result, pets lose a lot of moisture just to regulate their body temperature in warm weather.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Ticks

There are many reasons to celebrate the coming of springtime and slightly warmer weather. While we all look forward to getting outdoors with our pets this spring, it’s important to remember that the warmer weather also means the return of ticks. To help you keep your pets and your human family members safe, we’ve put together a list of the five most important things you should know about ticks and your pets.