Our pets can sometimes run into issues that affect the health and comfort of their skin in the form of allergies, rashes, infections, and more. These types of dermatological issues can be uncomfortable for our pets, causing persistent itchiness, and they can also harm a cat’s or dog’s general health.
At Bramalea Animal Hospital, we’re pleased to provide our patients with dermatology services, treatments and referrals to help promote the health of your pet’s skin and coat.

What Causes Dermatological Problems in Pets?

If your pet experiences an emergency after-hours, we strongly recommend the following local emergency animal hospitals:
The most common issue, however, that results in symptoms affecting a pet’s skin and coat is allergies. Pets can have allergies to environmental, seasonal, food, and/or parasite-related allergens.

Signs Your Pet Needs a Dermatology and Allergy Appointment

Like people, pets can experience allergies when their immune systems mistake normally harmless substances (allergens) for something dangerous. Unlike people, pets most frequently experience dermatological symptoms as a result of allergies, rather than the symptoms we experience such as sneezing, runny nose, and watering eyes.
Signs and symptoms of allergies and dermatological problems pets include the following:
If your pet experiences any of the above-listed signs or symptoms, we recommend scheduling a dermatology appointment right away.

Dermatology and Allergy Treatments for Pets in Brampton

No matter what might be the cause of your pet’s uncomfortable symptoms, our veterinarians at Bramalea Animal Hospital are here to help. We’ll work to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and recommend an effective treatment plan.
For more complicated dermatological problems or allergy cases, we might also refer you to a local veterinary dermatologist specializing in the treatment of allergies and skin conditions.
To learn more about veterinary dermatology or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact our office today.