Diagnostic testing is an invaluable tool in veterinary medicine. When a pet is sick, injured, or seemingly healthy, diagnostic testing allows us to look inside your pet’s body for information that can tell us why they are ill, how badly they are injured, or if there might be early signs of systemic illness that have yet to cause your pet any actual symptoms.

Veterinary Diagnostics at Bramalea Animal Hospital

Before diagnosing and treating your pet, we use advanced diagnostic testing to help us provide the safest and most effective veterinary care available.

In-House Laboratory

With our in-house laboratory, we can run blood tests, urine testing, and ear cytology with almost immediate results. These tests can help us evaluate your pet’s organ function, electrolyte level, and blood cell count, look for signs of disease, and bacterial infections.


Diagnostic imaging allows us to look inside your pet’s body to assess organ size, placement, and shape in addition to the musculoskeletal system structure and more. We offer digital radiology in-house and have access to a travelling veterinary ultrasound specialist.

Why Does Your Pet Need Diagnostic Tests?

Sick Pet Visits

Several conditions that affect pets cause very similar symptoms, so diagnostic testing is often necessary to determine the underlying cause of illness.

Routine Health Screening

We might recommend routine diagnostic testing for healthy pets. In pets, especially senior pets, health problems can arise and worsen quickly. Routine testing allows us to detect the earliest signs of disease and provide more effective treatment.

Pre-Operative Care

Before administering general anesthesia to a pet, we use diagnostics to check your pet’s organ function and ensure they’re healthy enough to undergo surgery.

Heartworm Disease Prevention

Administering a heartworm preventative to an already infected pet can be fatal. We always run a blood test to check for heartworms first.

Comprehensive Pet Care in Brampton, Ontario

At Bramalea Animal Hospital, we’re proud to provide our patients with everything they need in one location. With advanced veterinary diagnostic capabilities here in our animal hospital, we’re able to quickly diagnose sick and injured pets and provide safe and effective treatments right away.
To learn more about the veterinary services available at Bramalea Animal Hospital or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact us today.