Grooming and Bathing

At Bramalea Animal Hospital, we take pride in being a full-service animal hospital. An integral part of providing our patients with complete care includes ensuring that they have access to bathing and grooming designed to promote both skin and coat health in dogs and cats. That’s why we have a full-time, professional pet groomer on our team.

Why Regular Grooming Is Vital to Your Pet's Health

Yes, a professional bath and haircut leave pets smelling great and looking their best, but grooming services are also essential to your pet’s health. Regular grooming offers the following health and wellness benefits to both dogs and cats:
Additionally, regular grooming helps reduce the amount your pet sheds, meaning you’ll feel happier, too!

Why Choose Professional Grooming?

Many pet owners wonder why it’s best to choose a professional groomer over bathing their pets themselves. The primary reasons are training, safety, and reduced stress.
We know how to keep the water at exactly the right temperature to avoid discomfort, and we know how to keep your pets calm and comfortable throughout the entire appointment.
Professional groomers have loads of training and experience, which creates a safer, calmer, and more thorough experience for your pet.

Professional Pet Grooming in Brampton, Ontario

At Bramalea Animal Hospital in Brampton, we provide complete grooming services for both cats and dogs. These services include packages with regular baths and brushing, medicated baths, special grooming for dogs with double coats, breed-specific haircuts and styles, safe blow-drying, cat baths, nail trims, and more.
To learn more about the professional grooming services available to pets at Bramalea Animal Hospital or to schedule your pet’s next spa day, we welcome you to contact our office today.