Soft Tissue Surgery

At Bramalea Animal Hospital, we’re proud to provide our patients with comprehensive veterinary care, including a variety of soft tissue surgeries. Our veterinary surgery team is experienced in and fully equipped to perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries including spay and neuter procedures, foreign object removals, mass removals, and more.

Why Does Your Pet Need Surgery?

Our veterinarians always recommend the least invasive treatment that will still effectively address a pet’s health problem. Sometimes, however, surgery might be necessary.
In addition to sterilizing pets with spay and neuter procedures, soft tissue surgeries can address a variety of health problems and sometimes be needed to repair a wound or treat an illness.
Before recommending surgery for your pet, our veterinarians will always perform a thorough examination and talk with you about all of your pet’s treatment options to ensure you understand all of the potential risks and benefits.

What to Expect When Your Pet Needs Surgery

Pre-Surgical Evaluation and Counseling

Before your pet’s surgery, we’ll take a blood test to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia. We’ll also talk with you about what to expect and provide you with instructions for restricting your pet’s food and water before the day of surgery and administering any medications if necessary.

During the Operation

We use only high-quality medications and state-of-the-art patient monitoring equipment to ensure a pain-free, safe, and successful procedure for your pet. As soon as your pet is out of surgery and in recovery, we will notify you.

Post-Surgical Aftercare and Counseling

We will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions that might include guidelines for medication administration, wound care, activity restriction, dietary restrictions, and follow-up appointments.
We’re always here to answer your questions and help you ensure your pet has a speedy recovery.

Learn More About Veterinary Surgery in Brampton

To learn more about the types of surgeries we perform at Bramalea Animal Hospital or to speak with a veterinarian about a referral to a veterinary surgical specialist for a complex surgical procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our clinic today.