There are many reasons to celebrate the coming of springtime and slightly warmer weather. While we all look forward to getting outdoors with our pets this spring, it’s important to remember that the warmer weather also means the return of ticks. To help you keep your pets and your human family members safe, we’ve put together a list of the five most important things you should know about ticks and your pets.

Top 5 Things to Know About Ticks


1. When Is Tick Season?

Ticks go dormant for most of the winter, but they become active again anytime the temperature rises just above freezing to about 1-2°C (35°F). They are especially active in areas where there is no snow on the ground.
This means tick season in Brampton can last from about March through November, depending on the weather.

2. Why Ticks Are a Problem

Ticks not only cause itchiness for pets, but they also carry a variety of dangerous zoonotic diseases that have the potential to sicken your pets and the human members of your family.

3. How to Prevent Pets From Picking Up Ticks

You can help prevent pets from picking up ticks by avoiding places where ticks live like brushy or densely wooded areas. Ticks, however, can also live right in your yard. So, even just letting your pet out for a backyard romp can put them at risk if you aren’t also using a safe and effective parasite preventative which is the best way to prevent dogs and cats from picking up ticks.

4. How to Keep Ticks Away From Your Home

You can limit the number of ticks living around your home by keeping your yard free from debris and too much brush.

5. How to Choose the Right Parasite Preventative

When selecting a parasite preventative, choose one that is safe for all the species of pets in your family and also appropriate for the size of your pet.

Safe and Effective Parasite Prevention for Dogs and Cats at Bramalea Animal Hospital

March marks the beginning of tick season in Brampton, and our veterinarians are here to help you keep your entire household protected from ticks, fleas, other parasites, and the diseases they carry.
To learn more about preventing parasites or to get a professional recommendation of a parasite preventative that will be effective and safe for your whole family, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at Bramalea Animal Hospital today.

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