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Our In-House Lab Saves You Time and Hassle

Every modern animal hospital should have an in-house laboratory. In-house labs not only offer convenience to hospital employees and medical professionals, they also cut down on wait times for you and your pet. Reduced wait times means that treatment options, whether surgical, medicinal, therapeutic or a combination, can then begin in earnest.

Up to the Test

At our lab, we can run a number of tests at our lab to help check for a variety of problems. We can run complete blood count tests that help us detect problems like infections; we can also carry out blood chemistry tests which are vital in diagnosing or ruling out organ disease.

But that’s only the start; at Bramalea Animal hospital our lab technicians can also run urinalysis to get an idea of what is happening inside your pet’s body and to offer prognosis for a number of conditions. Our lab can also process fecal analysis, an essential tool in diagnosing intestinal or stomach issues.

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